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Welcome to Atlantic Trailers

Atlantic Trailers specialises in the building and rental of various trailers to meet various needs. With our years of experience and ultra high levels of quality we can give you the best value for money and peace of mind that our trailers are safe. Atlantic Trailers has franchise branches throughout South Africa and offers the following services:

Custom build trailers

Rental Fleet

Game Trailers
Cattle Trailers
Horse Box
5M Box
4M Box
3.5M Box

3M Box
2.5M Box
2M Box
Luggage Trailer
Car Double axle Trailers

Car Single axle Trailers
Piggy Back Trailers
Bike Trailer
2,5 m double axle Trailer

Our Vision

As dedicated providers of a wide range of trailer rentals, we understand that our customers have different requirements, so we endeavor to ensure that we have the right solution for you at one of our many franchise branches, no matter what your specific need is or where you are located.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be leaders when it comes to high quality trailer rental services and we have gained the reputation in our community for delivering an excellent service at all times. Our clients can therefore use our trailers with absolute confidence at unbeatable value.